She Wraps A T-Shirt Around Her Wet Hair. When She Removes It, The Results Are Gorgeous!


Ladies, when it comes to styling your hair, the possibilities are truly endless. So it’s not surprising that there is an overwhelming number of products available to help you on your quest to achieve whatever look you want. Unfortunately, most of these products are expensive, time-consuming, and difficult to use. And then there are those gimmicky products that can’t even do half of what it promised in the infomercial when you try it on your hair.

Yes, it can be a very tough world to navigate and arguably, nobody knows this better than those with frizzy, curly hair. But along comes the good people of the internet to show you the better way… or in this case, YouTuber Donata White is here to save the day with an inexpensive, no-heat way to achieve gorgeous hair!

Donata shows us a curly hair routine called “plopping” or “plunking.”  After showering, your curls may be loose and frizzy. At this point, you’ll add some hair products. Donata uses TRESemmé Platinum Strength Heat Protect Spray before adding TRESemmé Keratin Smooth serum and Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Leave-in Conditioner, and combing her hair. And now here’s the fun part! Lay out a t-shirt, flip your hair over in front of you, and slowly lower your head down onto the shirt. Wrap the t-shirt around your head and go to sleep! The next morning, remove the t-shirt and you should find that your hair is bouncy with voluminous curls and frizz-free!

Check out the video below for the full instructions and let us know if you try it out!




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