‘I will never disrespect Sfiso’s memory’ – Ayanda Ncwane addresses family drama


Sfiso Ncwane’s widow, Ayanda, gave her first interview since his death, rectifying rumours surrounding a family feud over Sfiso’s cause of death. A few weeks after Sfiso died reports of conflict involving Sfiso’s widow and her mother-in-law surfaced.

Ayanda took the opportunity on Thursday to set the record straight. Even though she did not go into details, she shared that any family matters that may have come up were dealt with privately.

“I am hurt by some of the stories that have come up after my husband passed. But I have been comforted by many people that have said to me, ‘we understand, sis Ayanda.’ People have come up to me to tell me that after a huge loss all families are tested,” she shared.

Amanda chose not to directly address the reports and rumours that surfaced after the star’s death. Instead she said she loves her family and understands the responsibilities she has as a child of the Ncwanes now that Sfiso is gone.

“Sfiso respected himself a lot. As his wife I will never disrespect his memory by failing his family or our children, with my behaviour. Because that is what he has taught me,” she said.



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