Tumisho Masha Dumps His Wife About Abuse Stories


TROUBLE has definitely reached paradise for TV actor Tumisho Masha and wife Zozibini. They are no longer living together and they are heading for divorce, according to Tumisho. There is no happily ever after for the two lovebirds.

Last year it was reported that Tumisho allegedly kicked Zozibini in the stomach, slapped her in the face, pulled her hair and hit her with an elbow at their home in Dainfern, Johannesburg.

Later in September, Tumisho was arrested and released on bail and his wife then applied for a protection order against him at the Randburg Magistrate’s Court, which she was granted.

But like any other couple, they protected their family by stating that they are still happy and with Tumisho pouring cold water over all the allegations stated against him when interviewed by a newspaper last year.

“Yes. I can confirm we have been having troubles in our marriage,” Tumisho said at the time.

“But did I slap her? No. Did I kick her in the stomach? No. I didn’t do either of that. I’m not a woman or wife basher. She told one of my close friends, who I have known for at least a decade, that I was a drug addict, a drunkard and an irresponsible father.”

According to a Sunday newspaper, a close source says that after the alleged abuse stories became public, things took a different direction from a lovey-dovey to an unhappy couple. The couple have decided to call it quits after everything they have tried failed. It is alleged that the couple tried counselling and their families intervened to no avail.

A close source to the family says that the wife’s mother came to Johannesburg to fetch the couple’s children just to take them away from all the madness happening. Apparently the grandmother said Zozibini could not be in that environment with her new baby.

Tumisho feels that family interference is what is causing problems in his marriage.

“Family interference is the main cause of the problems in my marriage. On the day she alleges that I slapped her thrice across the face, I actually wanted to talk to her about her mother’s stay in our house. I didn’t assault her. My wife is lightskinned. How come she went to work that day and nobody noticed anything?” Tumisho told a Sunday newspaper.

When Move! contacted Zozibini, she refused to comment and directed us to her husband. Tumisho confirmed their separation but did not want to dwell much on it at this time.

“I can confirm that we are legally separated and finalising the terms of our divorce but cannot comment on anything further at this point,” he says.

Tumisho is divorcing for the second time after he and his ex-wife Angel, who passed away in 2015, separated in 2008.



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