Skin To Skin: Reasons Why Most Women Hate Using Condoms


Men have always been the one accused of being against c0nd0m usage. There are a lot of reasons why this is, but this does not mean it is a male-only challenge. Not only do c0nd0ms feel slippery and cold, but they remove a level of inti.macy that comes from going bareback with your partner. Some south african women hate c0nd0ms for these reasons below.

1. Kills the mood: Men often resent the simple act of reaching for a c0nd0m and taking less than a minute to slide it onto the p3nis shaft. As ridiculous as it sounds, this kills the mood for women, too. She loves safe s3x, but just know that as much as it pains you to slip on a c0nd0m, it kills her too. Simply put, it’s just not s3xy to stop when you’re getting hot and heavy.

2.  Could kill the er3cti0n: This is an extremely unfortunate circumstance for those ladies who happen to have a nervous lover. You know that guy… where the doorbell rings, someone walks by the door, or you stop having s3x or fooling around for what feels like 30 seconds, and he’s already lost his hard-on? Needless to say, stopping to put on a c0nd0m is more than just a little bit of a hassle for nervous lovers. And this makes for a disappointed woman.

3. No friction: While c0nd0ms have changed quite a bit from the smelly, thick versions available in



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