Shocking Video Of A Black Man Being Forced Into A Coffin By White Man


This world is full of inhumane acts. One of which was filmed and posted online. The video has gone viral. In the video, you can see a black man being stuffed into a coffin by a white man and another person films the entire scene.

The poor man is crying and looked terrified as the coffin lid is being pushed down on him to seal him in.

Online reports indicate that the individual who is getting stuffed into the coffin committed a robbery, the guy who is stuffing him (who owns the property) pushing the board down was trying to get information out of him since in South Africa the authority’s aren’t helping at all.

There are however those who did not see anything wrong with the video on Facebook. See their reactions below

Nickolas Alexander Hart Lol i would nail it shut and shovel a little dirt on it to really scare him, if he robbed me.

Marquice Elmore I laughed and I’m wrong for that LMAO But can you picture us doing this to Stephon and him Yelling?

Dewdrop Powell Hahaha yes I just died laughing.

Marquice Elmore Lmao Ian gone lie I’m still laughing my eyes are filled with tears.

Dewdrop Powell Haha yeah let’s go get him.

Check out the video.



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