“Sfiso Ncwane Hated You Because You Lied About His Real Father”, Ayanda Ncwane Fires Back At Sfiso’s Mother


The Ncwane’s have dominated the headlines over the past week since the death of gospel legend S’fiso Ncwane. Not only did national headlines talk about the star’s death, many family secrets were exposed during the one week that S’fiso has been gone.

So fierce was the tension that family elders had to be called to try and reach a consensus with the family. It all started when it was revealed that Sfiso approached his mother for a kidney but she refused, saying he had neglected her for long and should not think about her in his time of need. She directed him to seek a kidney from his pastor.

Then there was drama at the funeral proceeding when Sfiso’s close blood sister was denied entry into the gigantic Moses Mabhida stadium to say goodbye to her brother.

Now a new shocking revelation has surfaced. A close friend of the Ncwane’s say the real reason S’fiso disliked is mother was because she (Fikile) did not tell him the truth about his real father. Sfiso’s father allegedly abandoned him when he was 2 weeks old. The two only reunited in 2010 but Sfiso had been silent about the whole issue. Now it is alleged that his mother lied about the whereabouts of his father as the two kept in contact over the years that Sfiso had been searching for him but she did not tell him.

The source further said that Sfiso was deeply hurt about the fact. “He never forgave her,” the source said.



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