Sesethu Zikhona’s mother speaks after her daughter’s viral video


The mother of a girl whose video is circulating after  explicit  videos of her were leaked online has revealed her heartbreak over her daughter’s misfortune.

Sesethu Zikhona, 14, had her videos circulating posted on the internet and she said they were posted without her permission.

In the explicit footage, which she sent to her boyfriend only. She was seen self ple_asuring herself. The footage was then posted online which led to dozens of people creating cruel memes about her.

As the video was circulated around to more and more people, she started getting recognised on the street by people who had watched the footage, which triggered her depression.

Mrs Zikhona told LiveMonitor that following her daughter’s misfortune she had to force herself to watch the footage and believes her daughter was under the effect of drugs at the time. She also believes the footage was posted online as a ‘criminal plan’ to humiliate her.

Describing the moment she found out about her daughter from her sister-in-law, she said: ‘When I got to work yesterday, one of my friends showed me the video and I was heartbroken. I could not work the whole day.



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