Never Use Your Phone While It Is Charging! See What It Does To This Woman!


Have you heard for cell phone injury? They happen rarely but they do exist. A thirteen-year-old teenager, Gabbie Fedro, had serious burns, a second degree, as a result of the phone charger which was overheated. The mobile phoneLg d500, was given to her as a Christmas gift. When the burning happened her father heard the scream and her mother says that she was screaming like never before holding her neck in a great pain.

This is not the first time a phone charger to be harmful or cause problems. The injuries are gained as a result of the overcharged lithium-ion battery which can burn or even provoke an explosion.

An Australian mother of two children Sheryl Anne Aldeguer was using headphones and was talking on her phone when all of the sudden the USB phone charger sent a high current through her body. The phone was plugged in the wall socket and this woman died. The case made people cautious when it comes to cheap phone cases and many reacted to Fair Trading in order to protect themselves from unapproved USB chargers.

Unfortunately, these two cases are not the only ones since the tragedy goes on. Another phone charger case with a fatal end is again in Australia two years ago. The newspaper Sydney Morning Herald reported that
a woman died while being electroshocked talking on the phone and the charger had been crucial.

In 2013, Chinese woman died from electrocution because of the fake charger, Apple claimed. They are



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