Ndlozi slams McKenzie over ‘why Nigerian men always take your women’


Every progressive man should find Gayton McKenzie’s take on love offensive to women and relationships, says the People’s Bae.

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) national spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi has shared a piece of his mind on love, responding to Patriotic Alliance (PA) leader Gayton McKenzie’s advice to men on relationships.

McKenzie advised South African men to get their finances in order if they wanted to keep their women. He further urged them to look up to Nigerian men who worked hard and, ultimately, won women’s hearts.

However, Ndlozi has a different take on love, relationships and sex.

In a series of tweets, he slammed the PA leader, who is an outspoken critic of EFF leader Julius Malema, saying every progressive man should find McKenzie’s argument “distasteful” as it mobilised men to view women as “idlers looking for blessers”.

“Why should we always see women as attained by cash? Because in essence, for such men, it represents their own inferiority and masculine injury,” he said.

Ndlozi says he refuses to be identified with McKenzie’s philosophy on love, which “demeans” women and expresses the true roots of violence against them.

“The argument is further rooted in a destructive patriarchal attitude which often serves as basis of an entitlement men have on women.

“Basically, it means extending the brothel from buying of sex to also buying love. Even sex workers dispute that love can be bought or sold,” he said.

This philosophy shows the worst form of sickness that believes in money buying love, according to Ndlozi.

McKenzie’s take on love, he says, also has xenophobic undertones, “destructive masculinity and patriarchy” and is offensive to women and relationships.

Furthermore, it shows that though McKenzie is out of prison, his mind remains there, with Ndlozi calling it “the destructive masculinity prison of misogyny”.

In fact, it was his obsession with money and the philosophy that one will not be loved if he does not have money that put McKenzie in prison in the first place, says Ndlozi.

“Now all black men must take this advice, believe love is for sale! Will they not end up in prison like he did? No! Blacks got better to do!”



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