Muvhango Fires Five Lead Actors Including Thandaza SEE MORE!!!!


The producers of MUVHANGO, regrets to announce the parting of ways with its five top actors, Sindi Dlathu (THANDAZA), Siyabonga (Dingaan) Khumalo (JAMES), Gabriel Temudzani (AZWINDINI), Maumela Mahuwa (SUSAN), and Buhle Samuels (Matshediso)

The five actors some of whom have been with the production since inception stopped production in the Muvhango SABC studios on Tuesday when they arrived on set and refused to shoot unless the SABC re-evaluated their contracts. They claimed that they were not happy with their salaries since they are the ones who pulled viewers to the show. Various negotiations with the show’s producers did not yield any results.

Morishe Matlejoane, Muvhango’s producer and Tessa Made, the creative director, tried to get the actors to at least work and make sure that the show goes on but the actors would not budge. Matters got into a spin when the five started trying to influence other actors to join their industrial action.

Yesterday the producers tried to rope in retired Executive Producer, Duma Ndlovu to appeal to the actors most of whom were groomed and nurtured by him.

But the meeting with Ndlovu seemed to have made matters worse because he demanded that they go back to work or else… The five actors are said to have exchanged nasty words with Ndlovu, who then called in the SABC but the five actors would not hear of it.

Apparently SABC COO, Mr. Hlaudi Motsoeneng,who is away on a business trip overseas was contacted and he reportedly told WORD OF MOUTH to go the same route with GENERATIONS.

Generations lost 16 of its top actors and survived to come back and occupy the number 2 slot in the most watched television programs in the country.

Muvhango is reportedly third on the list. Word of Mouth last nite released a statement that they were not going to be held at ransom by a few actors.

“The show goes on,” said Amanda Ngudle, the show’s publicity manager. “We have a group of hungry and hard working actors who can’t wait to step in the shoes of lead actors. As much as we valued and appreciated our lead actors, enough is enough.

They have halted production for the last three days and it is not on!” said Ngudle, reflecting the mood of the producers.

It is understood that a number of the young actors are now going to be elevated to take the lead slots on the show and efforts will be made to recruit a few big guns to replace the likes of Thandaza!




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