Mpho Tshabalala says Mandoza is instructing her to bonk other men


Mpho Tshabalala adored her husband, Mandoza,  but then death took him away. The sad widow thought she was doing the right thing by not letting another man into her life.

But now her dead husband has come to her in her dreams, and his wish is clear: stop crying and start poking! Mpho, said the dreams started about a month ago.

She said since Mandoza  died in September 2016, she has been having these dreams

“He visited me in my dreams and told me to stop worrying and move on. He tells me he won’t find rest if I keep crying.”

She said she ignored the dreams but this apparently angered her husband.

“The last dream I had was on Saturday. He was very angry and he told me to get poked or else bad things would happen to me.”

But Mpho told LiveMonitor it was hard to move on because she loved her husband so much.

“We had been together for more than 10 years when he died. I don’t understand how he can tell me to move on.”

Sangoma Jabulani Mthimkhulu said it was rare for husbands to want their wives to move on after they had died.

“Probably the husband wants her to be happy. But before she moves on, she has to do the proper cleansing so that bad luck doesn’t follow her and whoever she will be seeing,” said the sangoma.



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