Malema’s Side Chick Threatens To Leak Nudes


Eff’s commander in chief Julius Malema has found himself in the midst of a blackmail storm after his supposed side bae threatened to release the duo’s nu_des and se_x tape if Malema does not stop his land reclaiming agenda.

The side bae, who happens to be white, said she had an affair with Malema when he was still at ANC.

The lady is the daughter of a cattle farmer and sets to lose the farm should Malema’s mandate get fulfilled. That is why she has decided to threaten to release the ‘juicy photos’ as she calls them. She also further states that the people will never look at Malema the same way should the images and videos gets in the hands of the public.

“It will ruin his career for good”, she says.

“My demands are simple, he must just stop with this land nonsense and I will destroy the footage. I am protecting my legacy here. A girl has to do what a girl has got to do”, she added.

The slim blonde with the build of a model said Julius Malema is into kinky wild s_ex.

“Sometimes he made me things that’s just unimaginable. I enjoyed most of it though”.

She said Julius Malema had up to 31 December 2016 to announce that the EFF no longer had interest in reclaiming land or else she would publish the photos at midnight.

The EFF and Julius Malma refused to comment on the issue.

Source : LiveMonitor Satire



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