‘Lundi is Now In Burning in Hell,’ – Pastor Mboro & He revealed another Celeb Who’s Going To Die Next Month


Pastor Mboro has lambasted those close to late gospel star Lundi Tyamara, claiming that they did not care for him and denied him the best medical treatment.

Pastor Mboro told our source in an interview last month, that he wanted to move the star to a private hospital for treatment.

“I said the hospital that Lundi was admitted to is not sufficient enough then I offered to take Lundi to a private hospital for admission and to pay for his medication at my own expense,” Mboro said.

His offer was never accepted by Lundi’s family and now Mboro is fuming.

“I visited Lundi at the hospital and I spoke to his manager, Anele Hlazo, telling him that I would put down a deposit of R100,000 at a private hospital and Anele said he would consult with the family and get back to me.  I then phoned him a number of times and he never gave me the go-ahead,” Mboro told us in an interview recently.

Mboro claimed that Anele and another woman did not have Lundi’s best interests at heart and had used the star.

Sources close to the musician told our source that doctors advised the family against moving Lundi, warning that it was not a good decision at the time.

They also said that Mboro was “looking for attention” with his outbursts. Lundi Tyamara’s friends and family have gathered in his hometown of Worcester to say their final goodbyes to the gospel singer.

There has been some controversy around his funeral as it emerged he would not be getting a state funeral like his peers Sfiso Ncwane and Thandi Klaasen

It was Tyamara that introduced Sfiso into the gospel industry.

He died in January after suffering from stomach TB and liver complications.




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