Limpopo 67 Year Old Madala Goes Back To Grade 6 (Photos)


The 67-year-old known as Manyapje reveals that his decision to attend school was inspired by his 8-year old granddaughter who reads newspapers for him.

“The decision to acquire basic education was inspired by my granddaughter, she enjoys reading newspapers to me when we are together but she always throw the newspapers down when her friends arrives to play..(you must learn to read for yourself) she always says. I discussed this decision with my family and also the councillor encouraged me and offered to pay my school fees. My church members donated school uniforms and stationery.

“This has to be an example to all children who gave up on school to take drugs.. Time is still on anyone’s side to acquire education. I can’t get employed after writing matric, i want to acquire knowledge to inspire others and improve my basic knowledge base.

The school head pledges to offer maximum support to ensure Manyapje’s dream comes true.



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