Julius Malema finally speaks up about his HIV Status


For a couple of months people have been asking themselves and each other questions about Julius Malema of EFF’s tremendous weight loss. Insinuations made and a lot of stories were created .

Most went as far as concluding that Julius is Hiv positive. That’s not the end of it,some concluded that he is not as happy as he portrays to be in his marriage. It’s an African known fact that once you lose weight they don’t consider the fact that you are losing weight beside you want to,Julius said.

I lost weight because I wanted to,I exercised and I eat a healthy balanced diet which helped me a lot for I saw the results quicker. There is nothing wrong with being Hiv positive although that’s not the case with me. I changed my eating plan and that helped me lose the big belly.

I’m sorry to disappoint you South Africa but I am 100% healthy and well, he added. “I will do a public Hiv test in the next parliament seating so that the world can see because Baleka Mbete, Gwede Mantashe and Zuma are spreading a rumour that i am Hiv positive”he said



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