My husband cheats because I’m older than him – Connie Ferguson


The Mzansi’ Jay Z and Beyonce couple…Shona and Connie Ferguson are well known in the film industry for their acting,directing and producing talent just to name a few. The couple got married a couple of years ago and they never hid the fact that Connie  Masilo then, is a couple of years older than Shona Ferguson.

Apparently the couple’s parents are way back friends. Connie who’s Kgomotso Matsunyane’s baby mama has recently become a grand mother and a close source of hers told us that she adores her grandchild like no other grandmother. Connie is addicted to her grandson Lesedi’s child. The source continued to say Connie used to stress a lot about her dear husband cheating on her with younger girls.

But since the existence of the grand child Connie had been too busy with her career and being a newly hands on grandmother and stresses a lot less about her unfaithful husband. The source sent us an anonymous and stated that these days Connie’s life now revolves around her grandson and the nothings of this world matters a lot less, she always says that Shona can go out and have as much fun as he wants with girls of his own age but the truth of the matter is I will always be his home, he will go out and act single but at the end of it all he will eventually come home to his family. I’m the Queen of his Kingdom and the younger girls he’s seeing are his servants because he uses them for only when he’s in need of getting lit as the youngsters say.

The source wrote their number at the end of their email but when trying to contact them it said the number doesn’t exist. When contacting the couple we couldn’t get hold of them due to their busy schedule. We contacted a source known to be very close to the couple, she laughed so hard and said where do you get this nonsense? Shona and Connie are forever together and there’s no younger girls nonsense




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