HOSPITAL PHOTOS : Joe Mafela’s Last Moment In Hospital Before He Died – He Was Really Injured


Heart-breaking images depicting the late comedian and actor,Joe Mafela,who passed away last week after a horror crash have been released by family.

According to a family member who declined to be named,soon after the crash the actor was taken to a nearby hospital where the medical team tried their best to save the talented actor to no avail.

Joe Mafela, actor, songwriter and film producer was born in 1942 in Sibasa, Limpopo Province. His father worked as a shop assistant in a Chinese shop in Sophiatown. When Joe was three years old he left Johannesburg along with his mother, who was expecting her second child. They returned to Limpopo where his brother was also born. Mafela’s family moved to Kliptown, south of Johannesburg in 1947. The family remained in Kliptown for five years.

Below are the last photos of Joe before he eventually passed on due to internal bleeding :




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