Exclusive one-on-one with ‘the lady in a yellow dress’


She became an instant social media sensation after rocking a revealing yellow dress at the recent Metro Music Awards. DRUM caught up with  “the lady in the yellow dress” – Nonhlanhla Qwaba a.k.a. Skolopad to discuss that yellow dress, love, music and more.

Tell us more about Skolopad?
I’m the first-born of Mma and Bab Qwabe, I’m 33 years old and I’m the mother of a 16-year-old daughter Amohelang Qwabe. I grew up in a QwaQwa village called Letsha-Le-Maduke. I did nursing at Ladysmith Nursing College and started to work in Sehlabeng from 2008 till now. So yeah, I’m the three-in-one lady.
Triple thread indeed! Why did you to choose to wear that yellow dress?

I wear short things, for me being half-naked is not a problem. I went my designer and I told him that I want the Skolopad dress – I asked him to make it a revealing one.

When my daughter Amohelang saw the dress she said it was too long for me. My answer to her was, “Don’t worry they will see my bum and the tattoo.”

Okay, that was the dress? What about the dancing?

I twerk, I do pantsula so there at the Metro’s I wanted to show people from Durban that I’m here and I can also do their vosho in high heels. I don’t dance without heels.

Did you expect people to react the way they did?

Yes, I was expecting that, and I’m not ashamed of it. I love my body, belly or no belly, stripes or not stripes, I love it.

After that showing, you know people will now call you the “lady with no underwear” right? Is that what you want to be known for?

No, no, no! I want them to know me as Skolopad the girl with a tattoo on the right bum. If you don’t see the tattoo, that is not Skolopad.

Is it true that your daughter took the pictures of you that night?

All my half-naked pictures are being taken by my daughter, no one else. I mean every single picture.

You seem to be really at ease with and loving your body. When did you start embracing your looks?

Since I was young, even when I became a mother, I didn’t change myself because I’m a mom, no, to me it’s all about feeling sexy in my body.

Tell us about Skolopad the artist and your music

I’m a female house kwaito artist and also do pantsula and twerking. I started singing in 2014 when my daughter was like, “Mom since you know how to dance, why are you not starting to dance to your own music and you know how to sing,” then I released the song called Tlobeneng, which was produced by Kenny Dlamini.

Why Skolopad?

Skolopad because I was referring to a creature with tortoise-like characteristics, it’s a strong and independent creature. It only moves forward, it doesn’t look back, it is a can’t get and can’t ‘tholakala’ animal. When it faces challenges it goes into its shell, so my shell is God. That’s also dangerous; I’m dangerous through my dance, my bums, body, tattoo and music.

Your parting words to your fans?

Be a go-getter in life. Don’t allow anything to stop you.




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