BONANG STYLE: LootLove accused of being the side chick behind Reason’s divorce


Reason has had enough of people accusing his girlfriend of being a home wrecker, coincidentally confirming she IS his girlfriend.

Rapper Sizwe Moeketsi, popularly known as Reason, has broken his silence on his divorce and relationship with Luthando ‘LootLove’ Shosha.

In a series of tweets on Sunday morning, the We Don’t Care hit maker said he felt the need to defend his girlfriend against people who talked “trash” about her with no facts.

The couple has been going through something similar to the AKA-Bonang saga for some time now, with people accusing LootLove of being the side chick behind Reason’s divorce.

“First of all… LootLove has never been my side chick!!! Never!!!”

Reason, who was married for seven years, said the presenter was someone he had always known and respected in the industry, and only started dating her a year and a half after his divorce.

“No one took anyone from anyone. Let it go.

“Me and LootLove are finding our way and minding our own. Maybe you should go back to your perfect life and do the same,” he said.

Reason said he felt the need to explain the situation on Twitter because he was fed up with the trashing his girlfriend had been receiving for what he had done.

Also, he did not want the trash-talking to affect his children.

“If you really wanna be mad at anyone for ruining a ‘happy home’, leave my girlfriend alone give me a call. I have the answers.”

LootLove also took to social media to complain about being dragged for something she did not do.

“You can have an opinion [but] don’t run with it as a fact when you have no idea what the truth is. Don’t be surprised when you get regulated also,” she said. She may have been referring to government’s recent threat to regulate social media.

Rumours of the couple’s romance first surfaced in late 2015, but the two never confirmed the relationship to anyone. This could actually be the first time Reason has openly spoken about their romance. – Citizen



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