Beauty treatment goes wrong for Isidingo actress Nikiwe sibeko ‘Linda Sokhulu’


SHE wanted to look as beautiful as Fake Mshoza – but things went wrong when she tried Mshoza’s cream. The beauty cream made her face swell up so badly she couldn’t even kiss her partner.

Linda Sokhulu(Nikiwe sibeko)(41), said Mshoza introduced her to the cream and mixture and said it would make her look good and maintain her body weight. “Mshoza used it for years and it worked for her.

But when I put the cream on my face and drank the mixture after supper, my face became swollen and red. “I cried when I looked at myself in the mirror. I saw a monster!”

The traumatised woman said for two days she could only drink liquids using a straw because her mouth was so swollen.

Linda Sokhulu aka Nikiwe sibeko said she was attracted by the cream, which had a cranberry scent. I understand that cranberries detoxify and clean your urinary system.

I really thought using it would have a good effect on my skin and body.” Dr Enorc Maplanka, a senior registrar in dermatology at Hospital in Gauteng, told mzansi stories: “She might have been exposed to an allergen or irritant that resulted in her face swelling. She should take anti­inflammatory medication like prednisone to reduce the swelling and pain.”




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