20 Shocking Details About Karabo Mokoena’s Murder


Karabo Mokoena’s murder has been the most topical subject in the past few days. Her gruesome murder propelled the hashtag #MenAreTrash which saw many women shares similar stories of sexual abuse and criminality in South Africa. Below are 20 Shocking Details About Karabo Mokoena’s Murder.
1. Karabo said she fell in love with Mantsoe, who was her boyfriend for seven months, because she believed he was a “God-fearing man”

2. Her friends had been begging her to end the relationship for months. Mantsoe then laid countercharges of assault against her.

3.Last month Karabo opened an assault case against Mantsoe.

4.A close friend to  the couple alleged that Mantsoe was an abusive and violent boyfriend. “I saw him beating her several times; he was kicking her too.

5.The friend narrated that during the first incident they were in a restaurant, and when he asked him to stop beating up a woman, he told him she was cheating with Nigerians

6.He believed she had been cheating on him with a Nigerian man living in the same apartment block.

7.Karabo’s disappearance made sense to her friends because they visited Mantsoe at his apartment and his carpets were wet. When they asked what had happened, he allegedly told them his fridge had leaked.

8. Her body was discovered in a shallow grave in Lyndhurst, eastern Johannesburg.

9. He claims that he doesn’t know who killed her, but that he panicked and believed people would think he killed her.

10. He said he stuffed her body into a bin, rolled it out and into his gold BMW and drove to his family home in



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