Shoki Finally Opens Up On Her Abusive Marriage


South African actress, Reshoketswe ‘Shoki’ Sebotsane, most famous for her role Celia Kunutu the mother and stepmother of Rachel Kunutu and Nimrod Kunutu in the soap, Skeem Saam has opened up about her abusive marriage to husband Sello Sebotsane.

In an a recent Interview with Drum magazine the actress said her 10 year marriage was not what it looked like. Everything was far from perfect.

Shoki revealed that the marriage was full of tension from their first day as husband and wife. Things got so bad that the couple even slept in separate rooms.

“I fought so hard to be idolised (by the public) I had to give us a false life just because I wanted the world to see us in a certain way,” she told Drum.

Shoki also reveals that it got to a point where she even slept with a knife under her pillow so she can be able to defend herself when she is attacked in the middle of the night.



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