I saw Sfiso and Lundi in hell. They sang but did not live like Christians – Prophet Bushiri


Popular and controversial Malawi born Prophet, Shepherd Bushiri says he prayed, to know what it means for all Christians who die after being baptised. He made the revelations while speaking to a Worship group in Pretoria yesterday.

The man of cloth said he got a revelation after a week of praying alone in his prayer room.

He said: “I prayed for 10 hours without seizing, suddenly my soul was taken away from me. My body could no longer control it. I was taken from the earth to another terrible ground.

I saw a big pit, even greater than this world. There were lost of people burning in the hottest flame. Immediately my spirit recognised Sfiso Ncwane and Lundi Tyamara. They were in the crowd burning together with sinners.
“I also saw other famous people and Christians who did not forgive others while they were still on earth.

“God has asked me to tell people to repent, otherwise they will go to hell when they die.”

“Even small sins count, so people must turn to God and preach the positive gospel,” Bushiri said.

Bushiri said he will now ask God to show him Heaven: “I want to know how the people who followed His words will live and that will help me to pass the message to those who are doing good.”




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