Photos Of Former Prime minister of Zimbabwe Playing With Some Hot Babes.


Photos of Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Mr Morgan Tsvangirai sharing a lighter moment with some hot babes has caused a stir on social media.

MDC-T party functionaries are tripping over each other to explain what was really transpiring between their leader and these lovely ladies in the pictures.

In the pictures, Mr Tsvangirai, clad in a red casual shirt with an MDC-T logo is seen with five unidentified women on a park bench at what appears to be an exclusive lodge wrapping his left arm around a woman in a red dress while a second woman appears to be reaching out to talk to him.

In another shot, Mr Tsvangirai is seen still sitting with the woman in red, who is partly obscured, while two skimpily dressed women are in the foreground appearing to dance and pose for the picture.

Mr Tsvangirai is laughing while apparently watching the posterior of one of the women while the others are cheering.

The former prime minister, who lost his wife in a tragic car accident in 2009, is married to Elizabeth Macheka.

Last night, his spokesman, Mr Luke Tamborinyoka, did not answer his mobile phone neither did he return the calls to The Herald.

MDC-T spokesman Mr Obert Gutu sought to dismiss the pictures and tried to bat away suggestions of a scandal.

“Those pictures were obviously photoshopped. They are completely fake and puerile. This is Zanu-PF propaganda in its most desperate mode,” he said.

“Instead of focusing on real issues of resuscitating the collapsed economy as well as addressing the impending drought that will affect about 6 million Zimbabweans, the Zanu-PF regime is busy pursuing this childish and spurious propaganda campaign against Morgan Tsvangirai.

“No right-thinking person will be swayed by this desperate and frivolous campaign to malign and denigrate Morgan Tsvangirai’s public image.”

The Herald could not independently verify the authenticity of the pictures which one MDC supporter, Promise Mkwananzi – in comments on Twitter – said were taken at Village Lodge in Gweru.

The latest pictures are reminiscent of pictures that were released by a South African woman, Ms Nosipho Regina Shilubane, of them holidaying in the Seychelles aboard a ship named, “Legend of the Seas”.

The woman claimed that Mr Tsvangirai had promised to marry her.

Mr Tsvangirai, has been linked to different women details of which relationship have been damaging to his struggling political career.

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