Pearl Thusi Attacked By A Lion Over The Weekend, Randburg Lion Park Authorities Blamed


Pearl Thusi,a South African actress, model, radio, and television personality ended her weekend in hospital after she was mauled by a lioness at Randburg Lion Park,authorities reported.

According to authorities,the model was informed by the authorities at the popular Lion Park that their lions were trained and ‘friendly’ and was further told that she could go ahead and play with them if she so wished.

All hell broke loose when she pulled the tail of the lioness which was friendly at first and changed in the blink of an eye into a horrible monster.

”This was my first time ever to witness such an incident honestly speaking,it was just not her day because 90% of the lions are so friendly to our visitors.I apologize to one of our employees who decided to record a disgusting video instead of helping someone who was at a risk of losing her life.Fortunately the authorities were quick to react and the dangerous animal was shot in the neck by a tranq gun instantly”,a spokesperson for Randburg Lion Park was quoted.

According to a report,the model was mauled 3 times in the neck and is currently recovering at Netcare Hospital.Randburg Lion Park authorities have been blamed for the tragedy since they left the television personality among the lions without a close supervision.



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