Netcare Hospital Nurse Commits Suicide After Her Nu_de Photos ‘Floods’ On Facebook


A nurse who has been practicing at Netcare Hospital in Pretoria,identified as Gladys Tshabalala has decided to take her own life after she bumped into a number of her nu_des on the most popular social media site,Facebook.

According to her close friend who commented on condition of anonymity,she decided to take the drastic decision because her boyfriend had reversed all marriage plans following the leakage of her bedroom photos without her consent.

”At first I thought she was joking  when she told me that she couldn’t live and face her friends and relatives after what transpired and she further told me that she would rather die because her life had suddenly flipped inside out since she was also about to lose her job because of the scandal”,said the deceased’s friend.

According to a report,the deceased never intended to make the controversial photos public fodder  but rather she had meant to send them to her husband-to-be before her phone was stolen.

Her stolen phone  landed into the ‘wrong hands’ and in three days her ‘birth uniform photos’ were on the ‘every corner of Mzansi’s internet’.

Burial arrangements for Gladys will be announced in the due course.

The SAPS boss has urged members of the public to seek counselling when situations like these happen instead of making their lives shorter by taking such drastic yet unnecessary  decisions.



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