Mandoza, Sfiso and Lundi died at 38, four other Illuminati musicians will die at 38 years – Prophet Bushiri


A number of South African artists have died at the age of 38, a discovery that has ravaged remaining artists who are rumoured to have joined the Illuminati. The myth has also been talked about by popular preacher Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

The term ‘Illuminati’ means different things to different people and its use has become ambiguous.

There is a multitude of different versions of what exactly the Illuminati is, but most researchers agree that the group consist mainly of the upper crust of the world’s financial and political elite. In South Africa, it is believed that musicians join illuminati to become famous.

During the Sunday service, Bushiri revealed that that Mandoza, Sfiso Ncwane and Lundi Tyamara joined a grouping where they were told that they would not live after 38 years of age but would be very famous before their deaths. The secret society is believed to make people celebrities at a young age and kill them before they Reach 38 years.

It is also believed AKA and Da LES are members of the Illuminati society that killed the three stars. Four other members are expected to die before this year ends.

“These artists join secret societies to become rich and famous. But they have been told that they will not pass the age of 38. They will die before that. I’m seeing four other artists dying before this year ends,” he said during the Sunday service.



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