This Little Girl Looks Like A Toddler But She Is Actually 19 Years Old (WATCH HER)


Miss Girija Sirinivas, a 19 years old girl looks like a toddler. While others her age are in a university or out partying, Girija gets around in a stroller like a two-year old, with the help of her mom. Born in Bangalore, India, she has a rare condition called congenital agenesis of the bones. Her limbs failed to grow normally or fully develop.

a result, she is just two and a half feet tall and weighing only 12kg. Like a curse, she is forever trapped in a toddler’s body.

This condition makes it hard for her to do everyday tasks, even sitting up because her head is heavier than her body. Her family cares for her, much like one would do for a toddler.

Her mother shares that doctors told them that the condition was permanent. And it hurts her to see her child suffer that way.

But with her bravery and support, she is slowly getting a name as an artist. She makes around 8,000 to 10,000 rupees selling her drawings each month.

In her words, she said:

“I don’t want anyone to pity me, I want to show them my capacity.”

“I don’t want to be popular because of my rare health condition but I want to be famous someday for my art.

“I do not want sympathy, I want recognition. I have an aim to achieve more in life. It’s my dream to go abroad and achieve something big.”

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