Lady Goes From A Bride To A Ripped Transgender Bodybuilder (See Photo)


Cody Harman, 30, has revealed how he overcame his fears and finally felt comfortable in his skin while transitioning to a chiselled bodybuilder with a six-pack abs and rippled muscles all over his body. .

7 years ago, when he walked down the aisle in a wedding dress he was racked with fear as he worried what other people would think if they knew he was transgender. .

Harman always felt like a boy when he was a young girl and knew he shouldn’t be getting married, but 7 years later is happier than ever. By the time he started high school he found the female changes that came with adolescence incredibly tough. .

After a year of dating, Cody and Adam got married in 2008. After the wedding the couple moved to Germany, where Adam was based, and Cody became “desperately unhappy” as he tried to make things work. .

Once back in the US, Cody decided the only way to live a happy life was to stop repressing his feelings. In 2012, Cody told his family and friends he was a lesbian and a year later told them he was transgender.

He underwent a mastectomy in 2014 and started talking male hormones prescribed by a doctor. He also started focusing on his fitness and doing a lot of Crossfit training as well as running.

Cody underwent a hysterectomy the following year and started lightweight training in 2016 when he was advised that it would be better for his recovery than running.

Culled from Mirror UK



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