LADIES: 5 Sure Signs He Had Sex With Another Woman And Is Trying To Hide It From You


What i am about to share is based on personal experience on how to catch a cheater and how not to be caught cheating.

It will benefit both the cheater and the cheated.

1. Traces of Lipsticks: When your man comes back home, swipe his chest, nippple, neck, and pe_ni$ with a white handkerchief, if he was with a ho or side chic, depending on the

type of se_xual activity he was engaged in, it will show.

Tip For Guys: To avoid this, guys, take a shower after or scrub the parts of your body that you suspect your lady of easy virtue might have left her ‘trademark’.

2. Wet Boxers: Men like to perform a kind of ablution after se_x. If he just did before coming home his underwear will still be moist by the time he gets home.

Tip For Guys: To avoid being detected, guys, use a towel or a handkerchief to dry your JT and wait a little bit for your body to dry before putting on your briefs.

However, this could be difficult if you patronize a chic that stays in a face-me-i-face-you house or a brothel with a common bathroom, which might be quite a distance from where the action took place.

3. Smell of Strange Deodorants/Perfumes: If your man uses deodorants, roll-on, perfumes or whatever, you know the smell and if he doesn’t, you also know. This is to say that if he comes home with a feminine deodorant than the 212 men you know he uses, there is something wrong.

Tip For Guys: To avoid being caught, guys, don’t use your ‘other’ chic’s perfume or deodorant to freshen up especially when madam of the house can sniff/smell you from a million miles away based on what she knows you use. You can also have two bottles of each perfume you use: one in the car and one at home.

4. Smell of Cond0m: Latex condoms have this rubber kind of odor that they give. if your man just got intimate with another woman using a cond0m before coming home, you should be able to



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