Khanyi Mbau on her beauty transformation, shares her before and after pictures


TV talkshow host, Khanyi Mbau is loving her newself as she tells haters to DM her for tips. She took to Instagram on Tuesday to share some before and after pictures of her beauty transformation over the years and we can say, its a beautiful one.

The 30-year-old looks drastically lighter and some of her features have changed, but she says she is proud of the way she looks.

Khanyi jotted note for haters in one of the pictures, telling them to rather ask for beauty regimen instead of hating cos deep inside they want to have same features.

“Most ladies acting all unimpressed on my gram looking at changes but deep down inside know how badly they want to know, how, where, what…How much? It’s ok hunnies… Secretly DM me, and you can relax I am a girls’ girl… I will answer your every enquiry… Then y’all can head back on onto my page and hate later but at least you will be looking better,” she captioned one of her before and after pictures.



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