Kenyan Man Cuts Off Wife’s Hand For Not Getting Pregnant (Photos)


Stephen Ngila Thenge, a 34-year-old Kenyan man,  allegedly chopped off his wife’s hand with a knife for not being able to give him a child after seven years of marriage.

According to popular daily in Kenya, 28-year-old Jackline Mwende from Kathama Village, Masii in Machakos County, had her hands chopped off at the wrist by her husband, Stephen. She is also nursing injuries on her head and neck from the gruesome attack. Relatives say the couple had been having issues and Ms Mwende wanted to leave her husband but was advised against it by the pastor. Ms Mwende, who spoke about the incident at her father’s Kathama home, where she now stays after her discharge from the hospital on Friday, July 29, said that before the attack, they had separated for about three months over failure to have children.

She said “I could not understand why he was blaming me yet we had gone to hospital last year and the doctors had said he was the one with issues, which could be corrected. My husband, a tailor at Masii town, refused to follow up on treatment. He moved out of our house three months ago and came back on Sunday (July 24) at around 8.30pm. When I opened the door, he said ‘today is your last day’ and started slashing me with the panga.” When she cried out for help, he allegedly took to his heels before the neighbors got there and rushed her to the hospital.

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