Joe Mafela’s PAY SLIP ‘salary’ at Generations leaked

Revealing exclusively to Media, the senior employee said Joe Mafela earned R1200 per shoot. Since he did not appear on the show everyday, Joe earned about R3 600 per week which translates to R14 400 on a good month.

 “Some weeks he did not appear at all. The most he got paid was R16 800 in December 2016”, the source said and added ,  “if we compare Joe’s experience to other American actors with the same experience, we will find that Joe would be a millionaire right now. The industry needs a huge wake up call”

Mafela, 75, spoke isiZulu so well in his acting roles that his fans believed it was his home language when, in fact, it was Tshivenda. Due to the marginalisation of Vhavenda people, generally and in the acting industry, Mafela was among those who hid their identity.
He learned several other languages, including isiZulu, which he mastered during his acting career.


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