Husband abandons family after seeing maid twerk


A husband recently left his family and ran off with the nanny after he saw her on the nanny cam twerking. The husband, from Pretoria, is said to have been enchanted and got obsessed with the nanny’s dance skills, he proposed to her and ran off to Mozambique where she comes from.

The marriage of 3 years came to an end and the dejected wife said she only knew about the incident after making a police report. According to sources, the couple had installed hidden cameras in the house and used to check on their mobile phones. On the day in question, the unaware nanny was dancing to some music, she did not know she was being watched.

The husband is said to have loved the nanny’s dance moves so much that he asked her out and the two started a relationship. Things eventually got heated between the two and they planned to elope to Mozambique.

On the day they left, the husband is said to have returned early from work and the two packed, leaving the couple’s 5 month old baby with neighbors. When the wife returned, she found the house empty.

Efforts to contact the husband were fruitless.



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