HEART-BREAKING : Lundi’s Last 6 WhatsApp Texts To His Uncle Revealed He Knew He Was Dying – Shocking


An elderly man who claims he is the uncle to the late gospel icon,Lundi Tyamara,has further stirred the ongoing controversy surrounding the death of the gospel super star after he reproduced a series of emotional WhatsApp messages to a South African media house which cannot be named at the moment for security reasons.

A WhatsApp message,submitted by the madala who only identified himself as uncle Thabo,dated 18 January 2017,19:06hrs,reads,”Ever since I came from China I feel so weak,its like this body is not mine it has become so heavy,I guess God didn’t want me to go there,my situation is becoming worse on a daily basis and I can’t explain my stomach pains,it’s better God just takes me,it’s high time I meet my mother,she’s one of the people calling me,I aways see her in my sleep”.

At 19:12 hours of the same evening,barely 6 minutes after Lundi’s emotional text his uncle consoled him,”No my son life is full of ups and downs,you won’t die,all this pain will come to pass because God made pain,he made happiness and as much as sadness still exists,all this shall come to pass,you will not die my son be strong”.

”If it was possible to choose life and death by pressing a button I could have done it and gone peacefully because last night I saw angels calling me when I was sleeping,I know where I’m going,I do have peace with my life,I’m a free man because I have confessed to the world what they really need to know,I didn’t confess to please the people of flesh and blood but to make God have peace with me and have eternal life,so uncle,don’t stress”,wrote Lundi on his death-bed.

Gospel star Lundi Tyamara was buried in his home town, Worcester, on Sunday. His funeral was held at Zweletemba Stadium.

The gospel singer died after a battle with TB of the stomach and a liver condition at the age of 38.




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