Graphic Photos Of Half-Human & Half-Alligator Found In Florida Swamp


A creature, popularly called Mr. jake was found in a Florida swamp in the 1990s and, the first sightings of this kind of creature have been reported since the late 18th century. Mr. Jake puts a slightly more  terrifying twist on the mermaid, consisting of half human, half alligator features.

Not to be confused with the New Jersey Gator Man, another half human, half alligator hybrid, Mr. Jake is human from the waist up with the torso of a small child while he has the hind legs and tail of an alligator, creating a creature that resembles something out of our worst nightmares.

Mr. Jake is slightly more terrifying that the usual specimens you’d find in a cryptozoology book or even a fairytale. However, he’s known for possessing both the razor sharp teeth of a bloodthirsty alligator and the brain of a human, a combination that scientists have said could indicate he has human intelligence.

See his photos below:

photos-of-half-human-half-alligator-found-in-florida-swamp-2 photos-of-half-human-half-alligator-found-in-florida-swamp-1



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