French Presidential Candidate Strips To Her Hotpants, Campaigns Topless (Photos)


Former stripper turned French presidential election candidate hopeful is arrested while campaigning TOPLESS. Cindy Lee, 52, is the potential presidential candidate for the Pleasure Party.

Thirty riot police officers led her away after mistaking her for a feminist protester. Lee was walking around Paris wearing nothing but hotpants and Tip tassles. She is hoping to feature on the ballot paper for the French elections next month

A former stripper who wants to run for the French presidential election was arrested for parading topless in the street to promote transparency.

Cindy Lee, 52, who is the candidate for the Pleasure Party in France, was handing out pamphlets and talking to voters while she was wearing just a pair of hotpants and tassels covering each Tip.

But her desire to shine a light on what she described as corruption in French politics did not go well, as she was arrested by 30 riot police officers who had mistaken her for a radical feminist activist.

The potential presidential candidate stripped down and talked to LCI surrounded by her supporters.

She said: ‘We are here to demand transparency when it comes to corruption, and this outfit justifies transparency

‘I advocate the well-being of the individual in society, putting people at the centre of politics.’

As well as talking to the local press, she stopped motorists to hand out her manifesto, which includes pumping money into projects to help residents enjoy a more fulfilled sex life.

Her effort to gain support was cut short just as she was getting into the groove of her campaigning when 30 riot police officers led her away.

They wrongly thought she was associated to the Femen movement, which regularly holds topless protest against the exploitation of women that invariably result in those taking part being detained.

Although Lee is an official candidate of her party, it seems unlikely she will challenge Marine Le Pen, Emmanuel Macron or Francois Fillon for the leadership.

In order for a candidate to be considered for the ballot paper, 500 elected French officials need to sponsor them.

So far, a week before the cut-off point, Lee has not managed one.

The former stripper has made a name for herself in the past for similar scantily-clad protests.

The first round of the 2017 French presidential election will be held on April 23.

If no candidate wins a majority, a second vote will be help between the top two prospective presidents on May 7.



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