Dr Malinga bonks female fan on stage as the girl enjoyed every moment of the action


Revealers at Durban’s hotspot, Eyadini Lounge, got a free show over the weekend when popular singer Dr Malinga bonked a fan during his set.

Dr Malinga, while performing one of his songs, is said to have pulled a fan who was screaming for recognition and had her on stage. At first people thought they just wanted to sing but got the shock of their lives when he instructed her to lower her jeans and proceeded to whip out his manhood. Revelers started jeering and cheering.

One person who was in attendance said

“Everything happened so fast. He picked her up and started bonking her. Right there. She seemed to enjoy it too”.

The action is believed to have lasted for 3 minutes and the DJ had to stop playing music to watch the show. The visibly drunk Dr Malinga even ‘changed’ positions with the woman who was visibly enjoying the ‘show’.

However, some revelers said they were deeply disappointed in Malinga.

“He is our role model. How can he do something like that hey? I had so much respect for him and now I have none. It is disgusting. I am going to burn his cd’s,” said one party goer while another one chipped in

“He even screwed her without a con_ndom, what if he gave her AIDS or vice versa?”

Efforts to get comment from Malinga proved fruitless. Operations manager at Eyadini Lounge, Jiga Money said , “We did not receive any complaints. I was not on site on the night in question but I will ask my guys for footage and get back to you”



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