I don’t hate white people but their colour intimidate black colour – Julius Malema


Julius Malema the EFF leader says that he has been misunderstood. A lot of people mistake his actions with hate, hate is a very strong word and it’s something that’s not within me.

I have no problem whatsoever with white people but I however feel that the white colour is made to intimidate the black colour he said.

When something is beautiful it’s aligned with a white a colour. Happiness is also described with the white colour. When it’s a wedding day they say it’s a WHITE wedding and when it’s a funeral they say it’s a BLACK day.

Black clouds are also known for bringing only the bad side of rain but when the sky is blue and white then it’s a jolly day.

I don’t hate my white people I’m just opiniated and we were given the right to freedom so please allow me to voice my worries without anyone taking offense.



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