DJ ZINHLE DISSES AKA: My New Man Makes Me Scream In Bed Not Like That Man With A Shotgun


DJ ZINHLE sashays into the California Dreaming restaurant on the Durban beachfront, accompanied by an all-male entourage that includes rappers Cassper Nyovest and Riky Rick.

The statuesque and svelte beauty looks hip and trendy in a denim-ondenim ensemble. But, above all, she’s wearing a sunshine smile on her face that lights up the entire room as she’s seen snapping a few selfies and goofing around with her male pals.
She later reveals to me that she is in a good space right now, following a difficult year that saw her go through a very public break-up.

“The highest goal for me is always happiness. I spent a whole year working on myself, my healing and just finding myself again,” Zinhle says.
The happiness she has been yearning for has come in the form of love and hot se_x. While AKA was reportedly se_x-starving a beautiful DJ Zinhle, the new man is said to be allegedly fu*king her all night long and leaves her extremely se_xually satisfied.
Although she shies away from divulging the name of the new guy in her life only referring to him as “my baby “– or any details on how they met, she confirms she is happy.

“I had a very powerful conversation with my friend, – where I told her that I keep meeting people, but I keep meeting the wrong person. She advised that I just stop and become the person that I want to meet. If you want someone that is kind to you then you need to become that person to yourself first and you will attract that person,” Zinhle says.

“I did that 100% person. So I told myself how beautiful I was and how much I loved myself, all that kind of stuff because we can be so unkind to ourselves. I was also open to meeting someone amazing. I gave myself time and when I met him it was instant. I was just like ‘this is my guy’. I have probably seen him every day since then. He is ease of life, kind, happiness and amazing.”

“I’m a very successful female DJ, not in the sense that I’m the richest or biggest, but because of the influence and my contribution in making sure that other girls come in. I’m not obsessed with being crowned the First Lady, but rather with opening the industry to more women.



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