DJ Sabby and girlfriend Lindi expecting their first child


Radio and TV personality Sabelo “DJ Sabby” Mtshali (27) and Kaya FM news anchor girlfriend Lindi Sirame (26) are currently expecting their first bundle of joy, which will be a boy.

“We are so excited. We are in the process of looking for names,” Sabby says.

After five years of dating, the couple decided in 2015 that they were ready to bring a child into the world and they are due to become parents this month.

“We planned to have a baby because we want to grow with our child. We don’t want to be old parents,” Sabby adds.

He comes from a family where his mom and dad divorced when he was seven years old, and when he was 10, his father died from TB, so Sabby says he wants to do all the things he was unable to do with his father.

”I want to be there for my son. I want to attend every award ceremony, read him bedtime stories and every sports day, it’s the small things that count,” he says.

Sabby says they are waiting for the right time before they tie the knot.

“It’s not that we can’t afford to get married yet, we are just waiting for the right time.”

Lindi and Sabby met at YFM and they both had just emerged from serious relationships so they could relate to each other’s struggles, he says. “We realised we had to go through a lot in order for us to find one another and right now we are very comfortable,” Sabby says.



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