Barack Obama Chosen To Contest As The President Of France In Their 2017 Elections (Photo)


Over 40,000 French citizens have appended their signatures in support to the petition filed to have Obama contest for the French Presidency .

This came in the wake of the various scandalous cases tabled against Candidates Marine Le Pen, Emmanuel Macron, François Fillon, Benoît Hamon, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who have signified interests to run for the French Presidency.

The citizens who are in dilemma of having scandal-hit Presidential Candidates and a Foreigner rather opted for Barack Obama, immediate Past President of the United States of America.

Organizers of the unofficial Obama17 campaign who spread posters across Paris with the slogan “Oui on peut” meaning “Yes we can “, have revealed that they working to get a million signatures to have Obama as their Presidential Candidate by May 15th.

Faced with the impossibility to have a foreign national contest for the seat of the president, the campaigners are insistent that the current election campaign in France is a failure and that the current situation of their country called for such radical choices; that Obama possesses the best global competence and quality to deliver.

“The French are ready to make radical choices – that is good because we have a radical idea to propose to them,” a statement partly read.

”To launch this 6th Republic, we wish to strike a blow by electing a foreign President as the leader of our beautiful country.

“Barack Obama has completed his second term as President of the United States on 21 January, why not hire him as the President for France?”

Obama is yet to give any response to the call…



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